BEEP (Built Environment Education Program)

To help support the efforts of teachers and architects in the classroom, the Foundation has published an online edition of its BEEP handbook, an excellent hands-on resource to teach young minds. Many of the activities featured in the handbook include: sand castle contests, “can-struction” (building bridges and buildings with cans), “boomtown” (creating small towns out of recycled goods), and many other fun and engaging activities.

Architectural Education for K-12 Students
Interested in learning about architecture? Still too young for college? Find summer camps and school programs designed for K-12 students. This information is presented by the American Institute of Architects, California Council.

Photo Credit: Mini Chu

strong>For Teachers
Access the BEEP Handbook for curriculum ideas, see what other schools are teaching, get connected and find architects to volunteer at your school.

For Parents and Students
Find out what education programs are in your area? Try out some of the architecture projects featured in the BEEP Handbook. Find other book resources for inspiration.

For Architects, Engineers and Designers

Looking for a way to pass along your passion for designing and building? Find a local program or classroom and volunteer.