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Melton A. Ferris, Hon. AIA

The Foundation has a history of advocating for architectural education in California through its support of programs such as the Mel Ferris Scholarship. The program is named for Melton A. Ferris, Hon. AIA, who served as Executive Vice President of the AIA California Council from 1953 until his retirement in 1978. The scholarship program was established in 1990 and is funded by contributions from California architects, their firms, and their friends in order to recognize Ferris’ contributions to the profession of architecture and to California architects. The scholarships are awarded to qualified architecture students studying at one of California’s ten accredited architectural programs based upon academic and design achievements.

I was a Mel Ferris Award Winner in 1994. The recognition of my hard work in the Masters Program at SCI-Arc by the CAF drove me to endeavor and achieve more than I could have ever imagined in the world of architecture. I currently have my own office in Los Angeles, am an AIA Assoc, and have built over 40 projects. I proudly display the Award in my office (though I have won others since) as a token to what dedication, critical investigation and hard work can achieve in architecture school.
I proudly donate.
Best regards,
Tima Bell
Founder of Tima Winter Inc. 

Through the Mel Ferris Scholarship, CAF has supported over 120 outstanding university students in California with over $211,000 in financial assistance offsetting the costs of their architectural education.