The biennial William Turnbull Jr. Design Competition engages students and professionals in generating long term design strategies to address issues critical to California and is the keystone program of CAF’s multi-year collaborative partnership with at least one of California’s academic programs. Beginning in 2012, winners of this distinguished competition receive research grants to develop their concepts and present them to a wider audience. In addition, CAF’s Owings Award for Environmental Excellence recognizes environmental excellence and community impact in a built project by individuals or groups that demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in the reconciliation of nature and the built environment. Launched in 1986, this award honors Nathaniel A. Owings, an AIA Gold Medalist and key contributor to the development of mid-20th century modern architecture in the United States. It is fitting that these two programs honor outstanding California architects who worked together at SOM in 1960 on the Big Sur Coast Master Plan, which was written into law and protects nearly 100 miles of pristine California coastline from development. This work, along with that of Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull and Whitaker, left lasting a legacy in the effort to preserve California’s coastline and demonstrate how to “build in cooperation with nature.”